Education Placements

At Horizon, we believe in educating and guiding individuals towards a full and rewarding career! Horizon’s Education Placement Program (EPP) supports our team’s ability to partner with individuals, educational institutions, and associations to secure placements that provide engaging and informative experiences within Horizon Health Network’s various facilities.

We ensure equitable access to education placement opportunities in both clinical and non-clinical settings. Opportunities include job shadowing, high school co-op, Take Our Kids to Work Day, and professional development based on capacity and availability.

An all-new education placement portal is coming soon!

We are working on a full-service platform that will allow you to collaborate and coordinate easily with educational agencies and Horizon, in one space! You’ll be able to request, monitor, and view the status of placement requests in real-time. 

Are you looking to gain knowledge and understanding of professions within the health care setting?

Annually we process and manage thousands of coordinated placements for individuals via job shadowing and students in high school, college, and university!  We are committed to providing a supportive, collaborative learning environment that fosters development, knowledge, and networking opportunities.

 Our primary focus is to offer a placement that exceeds your learning objectives.  This also provides Horizon the opportunity to establish a life-long relationship with you. We welcome every opportunity to showcase our dedicated team, career variety, and vast network.

Do you work for an educational agency?

As an Educational Agency, you help develop Horizon’s future workforce. We value the work you do and the opportunity to partner with you! We understand the importance of placements in the workplace and are committed to our role to support success.   Student placement requests and coordination are managed through our robust self-serve education placement portal.  

There are hundreds of different types of careers at Horizon! We would be delighted to show potential future employees how working with Horizon is the right choice.  

Can’t wait to hear from you!

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