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Below is a list of programs we have available. Select any programs of interest to you. Please note program availability varies, which will be further discussed during the interview process.
Legend: Fred – Fredericton Area, Mir – Miramichi, Mon – Moncton Area, SJ – Saint John Area, URV – Upper River Valley Area. HS - Eligible Programs for High School Students.

Program Name Descriptions
Available in
Patient Experience Advisor PEAs volunteer with our committees and working groups, in partnership with healthcare professionals. They bring the voice of the patient/family and contribute to quality improvement and safe healthcare for everyone.
Greeter Greeters are the go to people and often the first face you will meet when coming to our facility. They welcome and help patients find their way through our facilities, deliver cards and flowers, and help with discharges. If you like to stay active, this programs for you.
Host Receiving treatment, having surgery or waiting for loved-ones, can be hard. Host volunteers provide support to patients and families in our clinics and waiting rooms, and act as a connection between patients, families and staff.
Recreation Programs Who doesn’t like to play games? Bowling, bingo, and card games are just some of activities you can assist with to help make our patient’s day more enjoyable.
Gift Shop Funds from retail therapy contribute to required state of the art equipment and comfort items for our patients. Help out in the Auxiliary operated Gift Shops by assisting patients/families pick out that perfect gift for a new born baby or choosing the right “get well” card that will bring a smile.
Coffee Shop A hot cup of coffee served with a smile, is enjoyed by staff and visitors. Auxiliary operated Coffee Shops raise funds for needed equipment and patient comfort.
Cuddler Our tiniest patients love extra TLC. Volunteers provide extra cuddles to babies and support families.
Friendly Visiting Your presence can make a difference. Volunteers visit patients who are lonely or from out of town.
Goodnight A friendly visit with patients offering a warm blanket, bedtime snack, game of cards, reading a book, conversation, or helping settle in for a good night's rest.
Oncology Coffee Cart A warm cup of coffee, a chat and a smile provide comfort and help pass the time for patients and families waiting for treatment.
Palliative Care Being there…. Palliative care volunteers provide an atmosphere of caring and support to end of life patients and their families.
Pet Therapy Four-legged volunteers bring joy and comfort with a wag of a tail to our patients and staff. All dogs and handlers must be part of an accredited Pet Therapy Program.
Therapeutic Services Volunteers enhance services in therapeutic departments by assisting professional staff in preparing materials and engaging in activities.
Church Service Attending church services can provide peace and comfort. Volunteers assist the patients to and from the chapel for services.
Dal Med NB Volunteers assist future physicians learn and practice their communication and non-invasive physical examination skills in a safe, positive environment.
Plant Care Have a green thumb? Volunteers help keep the patient gardens beautiful for their pleasure.
Library Cart Reading helps pass the time while in the hospital. Volunteers provide a convenient free mobile book service to patients and families.

Please indicate the facility where you would prefer to perform your volunteer activities /programs:

Fredericton Area

Dr.Everett Chalmers Regional HospitalStan Cassidy Centre for RehabilitationVeterans Health UnitOromocto Public HospitalWoodbridge CentreQueens North Health Center

Miramichi Area

Miramichi Regional Hospital

Moncton Area

Moncton Regional HospitalSackville Memorial Hospital

Saint John Area

Ridgewood Veterans WingSaint John Regional HospitalSt. Joseph's HospitalCharlotte County HospitalSussex Health CentreCentracare

Upper River Valley Area

Upper River Valley HospitalHotel Dieu St. Joseph's Hospital


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